Drake and Caffeine TV Announce Exclusive Partnership

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Caffeine TV is a network that offers original television content. The network has Disney as a major investor and recently hired Tori Socha as Chief Content Officer. Tori Socha was formerly the Vice President of Original Series at Paramount Network. She also worked on top network hits such as Scrubs. Caffeine has also hired Ilia Flagg as Vice President of Caffeine Studios.


With the announcement of an exclusive multi-year livestreaming partnership with rapper Drake, Caffeine is hoping to expand the reach of its content in a unique way. The rapper will produce a wide variety of content on his channel, including rap battles and live video streams. He has not confirmed whether or not he will take on Fortnite again, but the deal is expected to increase his live streaming presence.

In addition to Drake, Caffeine has enlisted other notable figures and entertainers to join in. The Migos rapper Offset is already hosting two programs on Caffeine. In one, Offset competes against other artists while the other streams his favorite games. Caffeine allows artists to interact with fans in real time, and viewers can even make virtual purchases.

URL will also be streaming live shows on Caffeine. The weekly live shows will culminate in a major live rap battle event called Genesis. The URL team was founded in the early 2000s by Smack White and others, but has previously existed only as an underground product. The rapper has been working with URL for a few years, and has leveraged his influence to bring the network to a wider audience.

Earlier this year, Caffeine and Drake had signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Drake. Drake will have his own channel on the streaming platform, and will co-produce rap battles with the Ultimate Rap League. Since its launch, Caffeine has partnered with other celebrities and professional athletes. In addition to Drake, Caffeine has also partnered with NFL wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma. Caffeine’s deal with Drake is expected to be a game changer for the live-streaming industry.


Caffeine TV is the new home for battle rap, and Drake has teamed up with the streaming service to expand its live-streaming offerings. The channel has already been a hit with fans with over fourteen million views per main event. The series has also trended on Twitter, gaining support from artists and media affiliates. As part of the deal, Caffeine will also stream the show on an App for Apple TV, Android and Roku. Streaming will also be available on Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick.

Caffeine TV is a new entrant to the streaming video market, and is looking to capitalize on the star power of popular rap artists. In addition to Drake, Disney and Fox both have seats on the company’s board, allowing the company to use content owned by those companies. Drake is the latest celebrity to sign a deal with Caffeine TV, but it’s not the only big name in the game.

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The newest addition to the Caffeine TV roster is highly curated live content. This live content will feature the Ultimate Rap League, which is the most well-respected MC Battle Arena in the world. The live events will feature some of the most talented rappers and MCs from across generations.

Caffeine TV

Drake and Caffeine TV have teamed up to provide thousands of hours of battle rap content to fans. Together, they have established Caffeine as one of the most comprehensive platforms for competitive emcee culture. Recently, they announced the renewal of their partnership, and promise to roll out more than 100 events and programs for fans to enjoy.

Caffeine TV also has a new deal with the Ultimate Rap League. The network hopes that this partnership will allow it to expand its reach to a younger audience. Both Drake and Offset are clients. Socha has served as the Vice President of Original Series at the Paramount Network, and Flagg produced America’s Next Top Model. Among its many content offerings, Caffeine TV offers livestreams of music, video games, and sports. The platform also allows users to buy credits that can be cashed out for cash.

The company also announced that Drake has signed a multiyear deal with the streaming service. The two companies will work together to produce Rap Battles and live-stream the competitions. Drake will also provide highly curated live content to Caffeine’s premium platform. The deal is part of a larger deal with URL.

Caffeine will also feature live shows and events. Livestreams are available on desktop and mobile devices. The service will also allow users to chat with other viewers.

Offset’s rap battles

Drake and Caffeine TV have joined forces to bring you thousands of hours of battle rap content. The collaboration has established the service as the premier showcase for competitive emcee culture. Both Drake and Caffeine are working to expand the platform’s user base and will be rolling out more than 100 events and programs for fans to tune into.

Caffeine, which was founded by an Apple designer, is a streaming service aimed at hip hop fans. Unlike traditional TV shows, Caffeine will broadcast rap battles live and on demand. The company’s first battle will be on Feb. 29, with more to come in the future.

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Drake’s new Caffeine content will be quite different than his Twitch live streams. In March, Drake took part in an epic game of Fortnight with Travis Scott that became a trending topic on Twitter. The event broke Twitch’s previous record of 388,000 concurrent viewers. The deal between Drake and Caffeine will be Drake’s most extensive live-streaming venture to date.

Caffeine has announced a multi-year deal with Drake to produce original content on their live streaming platform. The two companies will co-produce battle rap competitions for the network. Drake’s partnership with Caffeine is not a surprise; the company has worked with professional athletes and rappers in the past. Since it launched four years ago, Caffeine has also worked with NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster and Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma.

Disney’s investment in the company

Disney’s investment in Drake’s new streaming service Caffeine TV is a bold move in the streaming video market. The new service is a young entrant looking to leverage star power to compete with the likes of Twitch and Microsoft-owned Deezer. Already, it has exclusive streaming deals with rapper Offset and basketball player Juju Smith-Schuster. Drake is a popular music producer and wants to make the genre more accessible.

Caffeine TV and Drake have a long history of partnership. Together, they have provided thousands of hours of battle rap content and positioned the platform as a leading source of competitive emcee culture. The two companies recently renewed their partnership and promised to roll out more than 100 events and programs to fans.

Despite its relatively small size, Caffeine has already received more than $146 million in funding from investors. It has also secured the backing of ESPN, DreamHack, Riot Games, and the Big East Digital Network. Its zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and bullying has earned it the respect of many top players in the streaming world. The company was founded by Sam Roberts and a former Apple executive, who has worked on numerous major hit network shows. Caffeine was late to the streaming game, but has been successful in gaining traction and attracting the attention of top streamers.

While Drake’s first Caffeine content is hardly in the same league as his Twitch live streams, the deal is a major win for fans. Caffeine will have exclusive content with Drake, and will also livestream battle raps from the Ultimate Rap League, the world’s largest battle rap platform. In addition to partnering with Disney, the deal also gives Drake more options to broadcast his live streams.

Keighran’s entrepreneurial pursuits

Australian-born Ben Keighran has achieved success in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors. He is currently CEO of Caffeine, a social broadcasting platform that provides live, interactive content. His company has raised over $146 million from investors including Greylock Partners, Andreesen Horowitz, and 21st Century Fox. He began his entrepreneurial career in 2006, when he relocated from Sydney to San Francisco. While there, he founded Bluepulse, a social messaging application, and developed a standard for publishing content on mobile devices.

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